The answer is very simple however many “gurus” make it complicated for several reasons. The main 2 reasons are Ignorance and greed. 95% of these “Experts” do not know the answer, and the second reason is they are selling you their product or service as some sort of secret solution. This is simply a cash crab and how they are making their money. It’s the old Snake Oil marketing approach that has been around since the 1800’s and sadly exists today in a much broader scale through our consumption of social media. The Snake oil definition is “a product, policy, etc. of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem”. Sound familiar?
Here is the simple reality, and if you put any intelligent thought into this it will become obvious and elementary.
1/ You’re struggling because you do not SERVE enough people
2/ You do not know or understand how to find your ideal customer to SERVE
3/ You are not communicating what problem your product or service solves
Do you believe that the more people you serve, the greater the reward?
You must realize that we are here to serve people in every capacity of our life, in both business and in our personal relationships. As the old saying goes “you reap what you sow” It’s simple no?
When a person works a normal job, regardless of the industry they are trading time for money. The worst thing with all this is your only serving one person and that’s whoever writes your paycheck.
Now what I am about to say is fact and I invite anyone to prove me otherwise. All wealthy and financially stable individuals have multiple streams of revenue therefore serve many people through these additional streams. That has been the so-called “secret” for hundreds of years and there is no exception to this rule.
So, start by figuring out your “why” then figure out your “who”. I assure you the rest will take care of itself. Service= Reward there is no other way.
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