Social media is arguably one of the biggest innovations in marketing over the century. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and other social media outlets have proven their ability to leverage a combination of keywords and users to create highly effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Without the power of social media, press releases seemed to be lacking in dynamism. News releases or press releases seem quite generic with a standard structure and typical content. However, there is power in press releases when they are used in conjunction with social media.

What is important to consider is the overall purpose of your press release and whether it would be applicable for social media. As an example, a quarterly financial report may not work well as a Facebook post. However, an announcement about participation at an upcoming industry trade show could be highly effective.

The right press releases used in social media can garner a great deal of attention and generate significant online “buzz” about your topic. If it is also optimized for search engines, you can build your online reputation as an authoritative source while simultaneously promoting your business products or services.

In the world of social media, the decision is largely in your reader’s hands on how well your press release is received. A good press release can be shared and re-tweeted time and again with added comments or recommendations that flow along with it. With that in mind, it is best to come up with social media press releases that get your message across in a lively and entertaining manner that encourages sharing.

To make sure your press release is tailored to work for social media, consider the following:

Keep your headline brief and focused: Clearly communicate your intent using as few words as possible.

Use a summary or overview: A short paragraph that summarizes the release can help those who simply “skim” to stop and take notice.

Factual: Try not to flavor your press release with too much marketing hype or embellishments. Instead, stay factual, yet entertaining, using clever adjectives and interesting quotes or examples.

Bio: The information about your company is important but it does not need to drone on. Always use a link to your website along with your company's Facebook and Twitter profiles. If your business does not have any social media accounts, now is a good time to get them set up – along with a press release that promotes your business.

Multimedia: Never doubt the power of multimedia for your business promotion. Online video and slideshows can be invaluable. Post videos to YouTube and then promote them through press releases – but make sure all of them stay focused on a centralized marketing message.

There was a time when sending a press release to a few key trade publications would suffice for businesses.  Today, it is important to leverage all possible marketing channels, including social media, whenever possible. 

By constructing the right press release that is tailored to generate excitement and encourage comments or sharing, you can realize tremendous benefits for your business.

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