I am going to share something that will certainly change your business forever and as always, I’m going to keep it incredibly simple…
For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, there are 8 million different diets and strategies but really, it's just these 2 things:
Eat Less
And the most "knowledgeable people" in that space seem to still be overweight… interesting.
Ok so here it is. Regardless of the product or service you are selling, one thing is always constant.
Whatever you’re selling, needs to be extraordinary and something that people want and desperately need. Read that sentence again. This alone will save you a ridiculous amount of time and money.
The thing is, it is far easier to grow a business around a product people desperately need, already desire, want and that requires very little sales/marketing effort to convince people they need to buy something via INTENSE pitching/marketing—especially when that product is already in a saturated market.
Make sense?
Great... So now you can now stop blaming yourself or forgiving the team on how they suck at marketing or how Facebook's pixel isn’t working or how you’ve got to get some better sales copy or "insert whatever excuse you are using". Get over yourself and make it simple.
If you don’t have an immediate YES to each of these questions, move on.
• Is it a product or service that someone actually needs?
• Is it a product or service that someone wants?
• Will people love the product/ service enough that they will naturally share?
• Can you deliver a really great experience with that sale?
• Can you deliver that product quickly?
• Can you scale that product?
Open drop down