Expert Knowledge Group is a diverse society of experts ranging from CEO’s to Authors, Self-Help Experts and Health and Wellness coaches to name a few that have united purposely to give back to the world and leave a legacy.

Expert Knowledge Group was created to teach you how to live a life that will outlive you.

Only 5% of all people achieve unusual success during their lives, and our mission is to teach people who want to be and stay in the top 5 percent, in any area of life.

All of us must have life instructors and Mentors that can push us outside our comfort zone and hold us accountable. As humans we are a direct reflection of those whom you surround yourself and our environment. You must surround yourself with winners. People who are where you want to be in life.

Our services eliminate any so-called “competition” and simplify how to sell benefits and futures of any physical product or service guaranteeing a significant increase in new customer acquisition while maintaining and enhancing current customer loyalty.


We give back too many charities with all our work and strive to create straightforward content to help you become anything you desire in life and put you on a path to achieving success at the highest level.

If you are seeking employment, that dream job, how to lose weight and keep it off or maybe you believe you can change the world-we are here to help you and provide the knowledge and the tools for you to succeed.

You are uniting with some of the finest leaders in the world, all of whom are in the top 5% in their field.



 Expert Knowledge Group a Division of ANTONIO MAC GLOBAL GROUP INC

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