The Reality is that 9 out of 10 websites are not designed to sell.

Many businesses believe that a typical website, what I refer to as a “brochure website” is enough to attract customers and convert leads into sales. If you for whatever reason dispute this claim, just check your bank balance.

The majority of all businesses both large and small, feel that their website should act like a catalogue. It’s as if there are millions of potential customers out there who are searching for a product to buy. The standard, static brochure website neglects to address the change in how customers now buy. Customers aren’t looking online and searching for people to buy from now. They are looking for help, relationships, and companies that they can rely on to add value. A website is still critical to the entire process of the marketing strategy but by itself it cannot act as a sales driver.

It’s the equivalent of leaving the catalogue at a café or a business card at a networking event, hoping for someone to call you to “understand more” about your business. Brochure websites on average do a poor job of explaining how they can help the customer. Most of them tend to tell visitors what they do, as opposed to telling customers what they need help with.




Businesses are spending millions of dollars a year on marketing services that yield absolutely no results. So, it’s no surprise when we approach them to work on more projects that they are full of objections.

Many businesses have the misconception that a website “costs” them money, therefore more marketing activities will cost them more money.

This is a fair assessment for many businesses, as their initial website investment yields few or no results. Imagine spending $10,000, $25,000, or even $75,000 and not seeing a single sale come through that website.

Businesses want more leads, prospects, sales, and customers that’s simple fact. However, they were promised those with the initial “brochure” website. But instead, their investment never yields a return. Therefore, they assume that all online marketing and website design or creation will yield similar results.

Websites are often seen as a “nice to have”. Something that businesses should have but never really yield any results. It’s staggering how many “digital marketers and website businesses” still fail to deliver basic returns on investment for their customer.

Customers are willing to explore reviews, education content and other networks and online communities to find out what’s right for them. So, when they reach a website, they aren’t necessarily looking for a sale straightaway. They’re looking for help, value, and insight.

Businesses that refuse to offer value upfront, help their audience and communicate with their audience are destined to fail. Businesses must take care of the entire process of discovering someone who doesn’t know that you exist, through to happy profitable repeat customer.

When we leave potential customers and sales to chance, we are hoping and praying for results. Even if your website has blog content and new pages added all the time, you’re still just relying on someone will take the call to action themselves.

A properly executed Marketing Strategy will completely remove the need to hope and pray for results, by taking control of the customer journey from new visitor through to happy customer.



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