EXPERT KNOWLEDGE GROUP is a Division of Antonio Mac Global Group of Companies

By 2022, The Majority of ALL Businesses will Shift their Workforce to Work Remotely & Online.

All businesses regardless of the Industry are under great pressure to establish a compelling online presence and new Strategies to Compete. 


We work with Start Up's, Established Businesses, Sales Associates, Coaches, Consultants, and Author's regardless of their size or Industry, to increase sales and identify their ideal Customer and Niche in the online marketplace Nationally as well as Globally.

Our Services and Strategies eliminate any so-called “competition” and simplify how to effectively sell any Physical Product, Digital Product or Service while guaranteeing a significant increase in new customer acquisition while maintaining and enhancing current customer loyalty.



Great leaders are great negotiators. By equipping you with the innovative negotiation strategies you need to excel at the bargaining table.. Improve working relationships and resolve seemingly intractable disputes.Evaluate your personal tendencies in the face of conflict and learn to manage your bargaining strengths and weaknesses.Recognize the most common manipulative negotiation tactics used by difficult people — and ways to neutralize their effects. Win, not by defeating the other side, but by winning them over.


We have all heard of people exceeded their previous performance to almost an unbelievable extent. 

People in sales who found they could, through the proper management of their abilities, minds, and time, sell as much product in a single month as they had previously sold in an entire year.

A person has a tremendous advantage over even the largest of corporations. We teach you how to work from anywhere in the world and how to automate 90% of your work.


We have done for you (DFY) turnkey businesses in several industries that can be branded as your own. This includes landing pages and websites, Email marketing and automation, marketing collateral, online courses, and E books to name a few. We will make you an authority in the niche you choose immediately.

Whether you are interested in additional income, , or are in between jobs, this may be one of the best investments you can make in your career. You will come to understand the marketability of your professional experience, make high-level contacts in both financial and business communities, and learn how to convey your knowledge effectively and concisely. Everyone has something to teach, and we work with you to outline your true passion and monetize it.


We have set up a seamless method that converts 7 out of 10 prospects into buyers. We have used this proven method for the past 10 years in all our companies and with all of our products and services. Once this is set up with your Branding it can be done online all over the world.

You must fully understand the problem of the customer and the value, benefits and future benefits of your product or service must address or solve a specific problem. The first step is to CLEARLY identify your proper customer avatar and create a niche based around your product or your service. We show you how to convert new sales, onboard new customers and more important add VALUE and SERVICE.

There must be three things in place to succeed in all sales. The need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty in replacing you or your product or service.



Globally, the eBook market is valued at close to $13.7 billion in revenue and growing, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 2.7% from 2019 to 2023.

We assist you in implementing strategies that will build your authority and brand online, which provide a global reach and many other opportunities such as speaking engagements, appearing on podcasts, and being seen as a thought leader in your industry.

The digital education publishing market booming, which means selling your books and creating additional products, like online courses or membership sites, can be a profitable route if you have the tools and the knowledge to implement these new stratagies and revenue streams.


As teachers and trainers around the world are working to transition their courses online and wondering about how their approach to teaching will be altered moving forward. 

Our Strategies are designed for educational purposes— for use online, in classrooms or corporate training settings. We help mediators and facilitators introduce their clients to a process or issue and help individuals who want to enhance their negotiation skills and knowledge. 

You will come to understand the marketability of your professional experience, make high-level contacts in both financial and business communities, and learn how to convey your knowledge effectively and concisely. Everyone has something to teach, and we work with you to outline your true passion and monetize it.


No matter who you are, you have something to teach the world.

Maybe it’s a long-time passion of yours -- something you’ve always loved to teach and answer questions about -- or maybe it’s something you’ve only considered creating content for in your most far-flung dreams.

Either way, you know if you could just find a way to bottle up that spark of passion in you and deliver it to the world, to customers, you’d be unstoppable.

We teach creators everywhere in the world how to translate their passion for teaching into revenue-driving online courses, jam-packing their knowledge into content that changes the lives of their customers.

And that’s the ultimate power of creating online courses: it’s not just that they drive six-figure businesses (they do) or that they help creators share their spark with the world while earning passive income -- it’s that they change lives.


YOU need to become your niche. It is confusing to both create what you become, and create what you go after. But after we teach you the repeatable process, you will see how you can become both and attract what you create.

A niche is a problem you as the Expert must solve, or a result you get, for a group of people with certain characteristics, that no one else wants to serve. It can be both a problem you solve and result you get, but there needs to be the critical component and characteristic, in a group, that no one else is looking to serve.

A true niche is something that you carve into the market.

It is something that has not existed before you have defined it. But when people see it, they will wonder why someone is not already serving that market.

When you Create, You Have No Competition!


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